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Unity - SUIMONO Water System v2.1.14

21 Apr 2022, 15:20
Unity - SUIMONO Water System v2.1.14

SUIMONO Water System – download Unity asset

Note: Requires Standard Unity Rendering System.

SUIMONO 2.1 - Interactive Water System brings advanced and deeply customizable ocean and water effects to Unity, including advanced rendering techniques such as refraction, caustics, depth analysis (and more) to achieve visually dynamic water and ocean rendering... both above water and below!

Advanced FX - 3D waves with tesellation(dx11), foam rendering, dynamic reflections, refraction and screen transitions.

Scene Interaction - Set up any game object for interactive effects like splashes, refractive ripples, sounds, and advanced buoyancy effects.

Underwater FX - Automatic underwater rendering including depth fogging, advanced caustics, blur, and screen refraction.

Customization - You have control over all aspects of water visuals and behavior. Use the included presets or create your own!

- Open Codebase completely in C#
- Simple to setup and customize
- Easy-to-use custom interface

Suimono requires the Standard Unity rendering system.
Scriptable Render Pipeline support (HDRP / URP) is NOT currently available.

Suimono is intended for Desktop and Console systems. Mobile targets are not supported. Note: not recommended for VR.

Suimono is compatible with all modern versions of Unity (including Unity 2020.x, 2019.x, 2018.x, 2017.x, and Unity 5.x). Beta Unity releases are not officially supported.


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