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Unity - Thalassophobia Stylized Oceans v1.0.3

21 Apr 2022, 18:26
Unity - Thalassophobia Stylized Oceans v1.0.3

Thalassophobia: Stylized Oceans – download Unity asset.

Easily create beautiful underwater worlds with Thalassophobia: Stylized Oceans! Contains assets from Sunken and Outpost along with 450+ new models, shaders, and more!
Build massive, detailed underwater worlds with custom shaders, dynamically-moving kelp, colorful coral, and futuristic sea bases.

660 prefabs including:

375 tropical fish and 2 sharks.
61 seabase parts.
57 coral and kelp types.
2 types of icebergs with multiple variants.
2 submarines with separated parts for animation.
35 underwater temple pieces.
18 shipwreck fragments.
40 large rocks and 19 small rocks.

Colorfully stylized rendering tools:

Supports both built-in and URP.
All shaders are built with Amplify Shader Editor for easy customization.
Stylized fog, caustic cookies, and water surface shaders (built-in only).
Dynamic coral and kelp shaders that sway with currents.
Terrain shader for built-in render pipeline that supports up to 4 splats.
Simple fish shader that simulates swim cycles on the shader level.


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