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Action RPG Multiplayer Starter Template v4.27 for Unreal Engine

22 Apr 2022, 20:09
Action RPG Multiplayer Starter Template v4.27 for Unreal Engine

Action RPG Multiplayer Starter Template v4.27 for Unreal Engine

This is an action rpg system that offers multiple features such as jigsaw inventory style, skills, AI, crafting, vendors and more.

Top down and third person modes available.

Pickups and skills can easily be added using data table where you can modify all your items in one place, pickups can have stats and random stats, these can be randomized when an item is looted off the ground, from a container or crafted, you have access to settings which control how these stats are generated.

Buffs and debuffs can be applied from your and AI attacks, and can also be applied by any actor for example a zone where you take fire damage over time and have your movement slowed.

The player and AI have an attribute system which can contribute to your player and AI strength, stats from items are added to your attributes. You add more stats, and control what they do when added or remove from the character.

AI can easily be setup, it can have multiple attack that depend on range, cooldown and health percentage.

Upon death AI can drop random items, there's an AI spawner which can spawn AI after a certain delay.

There are multiple settings you can modify for example what kind of debuffs the AI attack apply, AI can be configured so it doesn't like melee attack etc

Boss for example will be stunned when health reaches 75%, 50% and 25%.

Quests are also available you can use a widget quest creator to easily make your quest dialogues, quests you can do right now are, kill x amount, collect x amount and talk to someone, more will come, you can specify as many requirement and rewards as you need, reweds can be exp, skill points, gold and items.

Skill tree is also available, you use the tree creator to make massive trees and customize it to buff certain abilities, add extra stats etc

There's a blueprint spawner that can spawn items at random, it is also the base class of the harvesting blueprint.

The harvesting blueprint can be configured several ways for example spawn something when the game stats, or spawn something upon interacting, or taking damage. There's also a delay interaction feature which requires holding the interaction button for some time before executing the interaction, it can be useful to simulate opening some chest for example.

Other features:

Player can trade items, Duel. You can right click other players to show the context menu.

Context menu added to items for quick actions.

Items can have mods for example adding gems to weapons in order to get more stat.


4.26 received a big update so we strongly recommend using 4.26+ to benefit from the latest updates.

Please watch the tutorial video to get an idea about how easy it is to work with this system, I'm currently working on more documentation for the new update so if you can't understand something please don't hesitate to contact me.


Multi-grid inventory
Fully replicated
Top down and third person mode
AI, companion AI & Friendly AI
Easy crafting blueprint setup
Easy vendor blueprint setup
Skills and skill tree
Chat window (General, Party, Guild)
Looting (Harvesting, containers, drops)
Trading between players, and dueling
Party invite (Party share exp)
Context menu for player and items
Outline system for highlighting items
Data table system for pickups, vendors, crafting stations, skills and containers.

Asset version: 4.27


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