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TRAVEL ILLUSTRATION: drawing cities with Procreate

16 Apr 2022, 01:50
TRAVEL ILLUSTRATION: drawing cities with Procreate
 TRAVEL ILLUSTRATION: drawing cities with Procreate
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Product Details Hello! Welcome to my new class. My name is Valeria Frustaci and I am an italian Illustrator and Graphic Artist based in NYC. I like to travel and I like to draw. I have a bachelor degree in Architecture.  I thought for a while  to do something "Architecture" related and when the world stopped because of the 2020 Pandemic and nobody could travel, I decided it was time to start. Around The World Illustratrions is my creative project: I started it to bring some joy to people's lives and homes. I grabbed my apple pencil and my iPad and started drawing some of the cities I like the most or I would like to visit one day or another.

Do you like to draw as well? Do you have your sketchbook full of your favorite city's drawings? Would you like to start drawing digitally using Procreate? Well, this is the right class for you.
In this class I will teach you how to create an architecture artwork using Procreate, starting from your sketches or your last travel's pictures. We will discover some useful tips and tricks about Procreate. We will understand how to create many artworks matching together: they will be more appealing for the market. We will also talk about how to chose the right color palette.
Follow my class to learn how to draw your favorite city in the World! I am looking forward to seeing your artwork at the end of the class. Remember to tag me on Instagram so I can see your illustration and I can share them in my stories. More eyes on your work: it is always a good thing!

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