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Tropical Flowers In Procreate

16 Apr 2022, 01:51
Tropical Flowers In Procreate
 Tropical Flowers In Procreate
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Genre / Category:Drawing & Painting
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Product Details 1. Hibiscus
2. Plumeria
3. Heliconia
4. Orchid
5. Red Ginger

These flower illustrations can be used as an element in many ways, following are few examples:
1. Surface Pattern Designs
2. Art Prints
3. Stickers
In this class you'll learn how to:
– Illustrate 5 Tropical flowers in Procreate
– Use reference image to add details to the flowers
– Ways to recolour these flowers
– Techniques you can apply while illustrating any flower of your choice!
Who this class is for:
  • Intermediate Level: Anyone who knows the basics of Procreate

You'll need:

  • An iPad
  • The drawing app, Procreate
  • An Apple Pencil or other stylus

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