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Painting with Acrylics: Create an Abstract Portrait

17 Apr 2022, 17:44
Painting with Acrylics: Create an Abstract Portrait
 Painting with Acrylics: Create an Abstract Portrait
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Product Details Even though we don't share a universal language, we all understand art. Explore and express your own artistic voice with acrylic paint! 
Artist and entrepreneur Alika Bhatt teaches and paints for a YouTube community more than 700k strong. Inspired by photography and nature, her colorful mixed media paintings embrace themes of freedom, power, and self love by mixing realism with imagination. In this class, you'll step into Alika's studio and create an abstract portrait of your own, working step by step through her signature process to develop a gallery-worthy work of art.

In hands-on lessons, Alika will show you how to:
  • Transform your inspiration into a coherent theme and style
  • Prepare your paints and canvas to stand the test of time
  • Transfer your concept seamlessly from digital to analog
  • Paint your portrait with advanced yet accessible techniques

Plus, Alika opens up about her journey from self-taught painter to commissioned artist, sharing the tips and tricks she's learned along the way!
Whether you're looking to rekindle your creative spark, make a memorable gift for a loved one, or take your painting hobby pro, Alika is here to help you explore your inner goodness through art. Her inclusive and encouraging teaching style is sure to help you get started and, ultimately, find your own unique voice one brushstroke at a time.

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