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Block Print to Pattern with Adobe Illustrator

18 Apr 2022, 21:47
Block Print to Pattern with Adobe Illustrator
 Block Print to Pattern with Adobe Illustrator
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Product Details Make your very own pattern from artwork you create! In this beginner-friendly course, illustrator and surface pattern designer Kelly Reese will walk you through creating a fun and easy block print with simple materials. Then you'll go a step further and turn your block print into a seamless, repeating pattern in Adobe Illustrator!

This class is all about experimenting and having fun while learning something new. You'll learn how to carve and print a block as well as how to digitize your printed motifs with Adobe Illustrator.
What You'll Learn
  • Create Your Own Block Print. Learn about materials and techniques for creating a simple block print.
  • Capture Your Print. Explore scanning or photographing your block print.
  • Digitize Your Print. Learn how to turn your print into vectors with Adobe Illustrator.
  • Make a Pattern! Walk through the steps to create a technical repeating pattern from your vectorized motifs.

This is a beginner level course. Adobe Illustrator experience isn't required and the full process to complete your project in Illustrator will be demonstrated. If you want to dive deeper after this class I recommend the myriad of courses on Illustrator you can find here on Skillshare!

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