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How to Draw Comic Book Style Females Like A Pro!

18 Apr 2022, 22:14
How to Draw Comic Book Style Females Like A Pro!
 How to Draw Comic Book Style Females Like A Pro!
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Product Details Do you struggle with drawing females? Maybe you find it mysterious, intimidating and almost impossible to understand.  That's how it was for me. No matter how much I learned and practiced, there was always something in my art that just seemed a bit off. I was frustrated to say the least. almost to the point of giving up. Fortunately, my love for comics and drawing was too strong for that and I kept going. And going.

Over a decade later and thousands of hours of relentless practice and studying under some of my favorite artists, some of who eventually became my mentors, I finally broke through.
And you can too.
Welcome to my new course "How To Draw Females Like a Comic Book Pro!" – Level 1.0
This is an Intro Course to drawing Females in a Comic Book Style where you will learn to draw and understand the complexities of sketching and understanding the female figure, form and flow – faster and easier. After taking this course, you'll become more intuitive and confident with your newfound sketching skills.
I designed this course for anyone seeking to noticeably improve their current ability to draw the Female Form in an easy to grasp, simplistic and fun kind of way, without getting unnecessarily caught up and bogged down with all the complicated terms. You'll be able to jump right in and go!
About this Course:
  • In this course you'll be applying what you are learning in real-time
  • You'll have access to Almost 5 hours of On Demand video streaming, Sketch Templates and more
  • This is not a typical course full of redundant and complicated terminology or boring, monotonous Lectures

  • This course is fun, insightful and will show you all you need to know to become better at drawing Comic Book Style Females
  • This course was meticulously designed to help you improve your ability to draw females
  • As always, this is a "No Nonsense" course. I am all about getting results and I believe that if you follow the course outline and stick with it. You. Will. Get. Results.

Here are just few things you'll learn in this course:
  • Overcome the Mysteries and Frustrations of Drawing Comic Book Style Females
  • Female Anatomy and Proportions – Thinking with and understanding shapes, Form and Flow
  • How to quickly Break Down your sketches and end up with Satisfying Results 
  • Quick Gestures and exercises to help you improve you art and add life to your poses
  • Dynamic Poses – The right poses can catch any eye
  • How to Draw from your imagination and other Freestyle Techniques you won't find anywhere else
  • Draw Female Heads and Faces from all angles – Expressions, attitude and mood
  • Drawing Females from references – How to spot the shapes andcapture the perfect pose
  • Pro Techniques – I've picked up from my Mentors and will be passing on to You
  • Preventing Stiffness and Low Energy poses – The days of being frustrated with Stiff, boring Sketches are Gone
  • Composition & Layout and Design – How to Create a Dynamic Scene
  • And much, much more

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