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Book Cover Design and Animation Masterclass

22 Apr 2022, 11:01
Book Cover Design and Animation Masterclass
Published 04/2022
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 108 lectures (19h 41m) | Size: 11.4 GB

A Complete Guide to Book Cover Design in Photoshop with Over 20 Practical Lessons, Design Templates & Cover Animation
What you'll learn
You will understand the basic and complete anatomy of a book cover, design rules and terminology
Learn all the Photoshop basics you need for designing an ebook cover for complete beginners
Become more confident using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for book cover Design and Animation
You'll Learn how to Individualize your projects to match any book you are working on
Learn how to Develop concepts, ideas and sketches for your book cover design projects
Learn how to Incorporate key design elements to make your book covers stand out
Learn how to Master book cover design including knowing what makes a good book cover
Learn how to Create Professional Print Ready Book-cover Design with Front, Back & Spine
Learn how to Create covers forall book genres - You will learn to design for over 20 book genres
You will be able to set the proper Book Cover Sizes, Dimensions and design Specifications for any book cover based on genre or publisher
You will understand what graphical design techniques professional designers use to make book covers "pop out" and attract readers
You will know the best free resources to get images, design elemenets and fonts for your book covers without copyright infringement
You will be able to design eBook covers, print ready Book Covers, Book bundles, Magazine Covers, CDs and more
You will learn the best practices of every book genre and how to design for any genre of book for fiction and non-fiction book cover design
You will understand basic design theory including working with color, layout, typography, photos and more
Learn about how to prepare files for digital screen or print including, bleed, crop marks, exporting options
You will be able to use images, colors and pair typefaces so that they look good together and communicate your book genre
You will understand how to use the right color modes, color profile and design resolution for any book cover
Design an Amazing Animated Book Cover or Book Trailer Videos Using After Effects
How to make money with your book cover design and animated cover creation skills
No prior knowledge of Graphic Design or use of Photoshop or After Effects is required
You'll need a Desktop or Laptop computer.
You must be willing and eager to learn
Free Photoshop Software trial - learn how to get it inside the course
Free After Effects Software trial - learn how to get it inside the course
Hello and welcome to "Book Cover Design and Animation Masterclass"... The "one in all" "everything you need to know" video series on book cover design and animation with adobe Photoshop.. Book Cover Design and Animation Masterclass Course has been created by Netplus Studios, and we believe in quality learning.
Hi, i am Abiola Oluwasanmi and i have been teaching graphic design and animation for some years now. I believe in quality teaching and with this training, i will take your design instincts and skills to the next level.
By the end of the course, you would have learnt to design covers for over 20 book genres. These are the designs we will go through together in the practical lessons. Fiction, Drama, Fitness, Sci-fi, Business & Marketing, Self Help, Vintage, Horror, Fantasy, Crime & Adventure, Classic, Mystery & Suspense, Romance, Education, Biography, Creative Arts and so on. Whether you are using Windows or Mac, you will be able to follow along just fine..
As the name one-on-one implies, i walk you through Book cover design process as if i were teaching it to you in a class room or in a corporate consulting environment. Except, instead of getting lost in a crowd of students, you receive my individualized attention, it's just you and me, one-on-one. Easy to follow Instructions and step by step training all the way..
Book cover design is a broad topic and there is a lot to know.. I have broken down "book cover design and animation masterclass one-on-one" into 5 part, 12 Modules series.
Coming up in part 1, I will introduce you to Photoshop. We'll start with introduction to Photoshop, show you the installation process, how to create your own workspace and how the interface works for the design process. We'll navigate inside Photoshop, learn all the essential tools, how to work with shapes, photos, mask, brushes, colors, adjustment layers, filters, how to organize your layers in an easy, professional way and finally how to save for the web and for print. Some of the major topics include
The Basics of Photoshop like the basic interface of the Photoshop etc.;
Getting to know the Photoshop interface, workspace and preference settings
Shapes, custom shapes and Shape Properties
Adjustment Layer & Effects and blending modes
smart objects and vector smarts object
color modes, filters and saving in Photoshop
layer mask, clipping mask and brushes in Photoshop and more
Then we'll cover the essential topics, the basic stuffs everyone needs to know about Book Cover design, in the order you need to know it. We'll go through the Step by Step design process for Digital and Print Ready Book covers.
The Anatomy of a book cover
Book Cover Design Resources & where to Download them
How to Organize Your Book Cover Design Elements and Resources
Photography Stock images and Copyright Fair Use
How and where to download fonts, brushes, cover Mock-ups and more.
We will also cover the basics of Book Cover Design with topics like
Book Cover Sizes, Dimensions and Specifications
color modes, color profile and design resolution
Book Cover Design Genres, Styles & Trends
How to Get book cover design ideas
How to Save your eBook cover in the proper formats for upload - Learn the different formats and sizes for all online eBook publishers
In later parts, I'll lead you into advanced topics and into the practical lessons, where we design over 20 book covers in over 20 different genres. These are well made designs that are most likely to expand your creative range in the shortest amount of time. By the end, you will be able to create book covers for any book genre.
eBook-Kindle Cover Design from start to finish
Print-Ready Book Cover Design from start to finish
20 Practical Lessons with 20 different book genres. You get the full length video for each design and the finished PSD templates you can also work with as an assignment.
Finally, we'll work with 3D book covers. We will design a 3D book Mockup from scratch. We will also go through designing covers in 3D formats using ready made Mockups: 3D formats like Software Box design, Audio-book, Video-book and CD Cases, Book Bundles and Collections, Magazine Covers etc.
We will also cover how to
How to Create a Huge Design Portfolio
How to monetize your design skills as a professional Book cover designer.
As a Bonus, you will learn how to animate your finished book covers and create book cover promo trailers using Adobe After Effects.
Book Cover Animation and Promo Trailer - Create engaging Video Ads
How to make money with your book cover design and animation skill
By the end, you would have seen everything about book cover design and what Photoshop can do.. This is no tips and tricks course. I am going to make sure you understand how book cover design with Photoshop works, how you work with it and how to bring your own designs to life.. "Book cover design and animation masterclass one on one" will take you from 0 to 100, one easy to digest video at a time.
Let me give you a few more reasons to get this course!
1. With this course, you will be getting access to over 70 video lessons with over 20 Premium Resource files (PSD and JPEG files) used in the course practical lessons so that you can download them and practice yourself to sharpen your designing skills. Available for download in the Exercise File section.
2. This course comes with expert and continuous support which means during or after the course if you are somehow stuck anywhere, then I will be there to answer all of your questions related to the cause of the topic. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message.
3. Lifetime Access to All Future Course Updates and Adobe Products Updates. You get Continuous Updates on the Book cover design course as well as updates on Adobe Photoshop and After Effects software. New features are added to these tools from time to time and i will always update the course to meet with the changes.
4. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Let me give you the last but not least reason to get this course which makes this course and awesome deal and that is that this course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied in any way, you'll get your money back with no questions asked.
Why is this the best Book cover training package? You are just about to find out.
Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!
Who this course is for
This course is for anyone who wants to earn passive income as a book cover designer
For designers who want to learn book cover design as an added skill
This course is for anyone who wants to learn to animate their book cover designs or earn from it
This course is for students, designers, and book lovers who want to learn to design book covers
Anyone who wants to Learn the Secrets to Stunning Book-Cover Designs
Anyone who wants to get out of the 9-5 job and work at their own time
For Book authors who want to create thier own stunning book cover designs to get more sales

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