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Wedding Videos: A complete how to filming guide

17 Apr 2022, 19:28
Wedding Videos: A complete how to filming guide
 Wedding Videos: A complete how to filming guide
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Product Details This class will teach you everything you need to know to shoot Weddings films from start to finish. We will walk through an entire day discussing camera location, shots to film, what to expect at each location, tips to make the day run smoothly and things to watch out for.

Why You Should Take This Class
When you start doing something new you're bound to make a-lot of mistakes and learn the hard way. This can be very stressful when filming weddings because there is very little room for error. This class will give you real world tips that you don't hear from a-lot of other wedding video classes, I'm sharing everything thats helped me over the past 6 years of shooting throughout every aspect of the day. You'll be able to immediately take this knowledge and apply it when filming your next wedding.
Who This Class is For
This class is aimed at students new to making wedding videos and films but is also great for people with a little experience to help make the days run smoother with real world tips and knowledge.

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