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Mermaids Magic(k) Myths and Spirituality Masterclass

16 Apr 2022, 15:47
Mermaids Magic(k) Myths and Spirituality Masterclass
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Connect with the angels of the sea in most enchanting ways and learn about mermaids around the world.

What you'll learn
Become an expert in mermaid lore and a keeper of wisdom to start an inner change for positive spiritual development.
How to live with more intention and pay attention to your surroundings, yourself, your inner feelings and the divine connection.
You will be working toward rebuilding your spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health by building connections with mermaids.
Discover a toolbox on different way to approach mermaids and how to implement these tools in your personal life and have a positive impact in the world.
curious mind and interest for mythology and fairytales
love for merfolk and mermaids
interest for global mythology, storytelling and archetypes
To all curious Mermaid fans out there in the world...
Who are so immensely passionate about mermaids, oceans, waves, myths and legends that this underwater world feels like another home but a place that you can only visit occasionally.. a sunny day at the beach or visiting an aquarium..these are things that I like to do regularly.
What if you could visit that world?
Perhaps that voice that quietly whispers mermaid mermaids is getting too strong?
Learning about mermaids is difficult. Information is scattered all over the internet and the books. Where can I find all information packed into one place?
I'm here to tell you that it doesn´t need to be that way. Those resources are not meant for people like you, who are searching for much more beyond general knowledge.
What you are looking for is an experience that presents the information in a pleasing way and is equally inspiring. A focused tool for the curious minds who wish to learn all about the mermaid myths and legends.
Introducing Mermaid Magick Myths and Spirituality Masterclass
Your fast track into the magical history and the present culture of mermaids.
Welcome to the world of enchantment. Mermaids have captivated people's imaginations for thousands and thousands of years. Mermaids are the fairies and the angels of the sea, who hold ancient wisdom with them. They can teach us about ourselves, how to be more present at the moment and to listen to our own intuition.
Mermaids have existed in human conscience for eternity. As long, as there have been people looking at the ocean mermaids stories, have been told. In this deep dive into the world of mermaids, you will learn about mermaids in ancient cultures. Sea gods and goddesses in Assyrian, Mesopotamia, Babylonia and ancient Greece. Mermaids can be found on every continent and in every culture. We cover stories from Africa to the Antarctic and from Scandinavia to Australia. Learn about European mermaids. The German Loreley, French Melusine and the Warsow mermaid in Poland.
Interested in mermaids in pop culture? Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid fairytale had a huge impact on the mermaid lore around the world. It inspired Disney's Little Mermaid animation in 1989. Mermaids are all around us. Learn the stories behind the Starbucks mermaid. Mermaids are in the movies: Splash, Hook, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean.
The course is presented in fluid series of video lectures and meditations. You have the option of going as fast or as slow as you wish. This course is not bound to any particular religious practice. There are elements of spirituality and some of these mermaids come from different religious/spiritual practices, such as Haitian Voudou and African Yoruba. Stories from different native cultures have animistic origins.
Spirituality is always a personal journey and in my teaching, I utilize many different global spiritual practices that can be used for spiritual development and self-understanding.
After this course
- You will learn about the mermaid's myths all over the world in different cultures
- Symbols and Connections between mermaids and femininity in a historical context
- Mermaids companions, sealife and coastal inhabitants. How their stories are intertwined
- Meanings behind classical Mermaid Stories. Such as Hans Christian Andersen´s Little Mermaid
​- Mermaids in Pop Culture and how they are a part of a long line of storytelling
- Different ways you can corporate mermaid magic into your own life
Does this course work on mobiles?
Yes, it works great on mobiles. You´ll have access to the course across all devices you own. I highly recommend watching lessons on the device you are most comfortable with, was it then the laptop, mobile or tv screen.
When does the course start and finish?
This course is a completely self-paced online course - you can start when you have the time. You'll always have instant access to all course materials.
What Language is this course?
This course is in English.
Will I be able to control the sound and video?
Yes. You can always speed up or slow down my speech, using the gear icon. You'll have all the normal functions with the video. Play, pause etc...
Niina Niskanen aka a Fairychamber is an artist, a folklorist, and a long-time podcaster. She is specialized in chanting, and storytelling which she likes to combine with mindfulness exercises and guided meditations. Born in northern Finland and travelling the world, Niina has studied a wide range of different wisdom practices from nordic shamanism to druidism. She loves reading, cats, and autumn aesthetics. She likes to play Jew´s harp and kantele (Finnish harp)and she loves 19th-century literature and languages.
"I became interested in mermaids at a very young age. It probably started after seeing Disney's Little Mermaid as a young child. Ever since I have been fascinated by these creatures. I love to sing about them and paint paintings of mermaids. Scuba diving has become an important hobby for me, and to me, mermaids represent this everlasting connection that we humans have with the ocean. I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me to the magical world of mermaids" -Niina
Who this course is for
This course is for anyone who loves myths and mermaid stories and is interested to learn more.
Interested to build a deeper connection with the divine feminine.

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