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Relationship Coaching Discover the Energy of Love

16 Apr 2022, 15:52
Relationship Coaching Discover the Energy of Love
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Tune into the Frequency of Love

What you'll learn
Shift your perspective of love to develop healthy, meaningful relationships with yourself and others
Understand the Frequency of Love and how it shows up in your relationships
Open your heart and mind to exploring love again, armed with new knowledge
Easily determine what relationships are worth cultivating and let go of ones that don't serve you
There are no requirements or prerequisites for this course.
Tired of the struggle and drama in your love life? Learn How to Shift the Energy of Love! If you've ever been confused in love, feel like you've been struggling or are missing out on love completely, the Energy of Love course is for you!
This is the key to having healthy and harmonious relationships! When you know the energies of love and how it can show up in certain relationships, you can navigate them better.
If you are ready to stop attracting the same type of men and level up in love then you need to know about the Energy of Love.
Inside the Energy of LoveYou'll Find 6 lessons that help you explore love from an energetic perspective.
Module 1: Welcome to The Energy of Love
I created the Energy of Love because I want you to know that you don't have to struggle when it comes to love and relationships. Here's where I let you know how the course is formatted, you'll get to know more about me, and I give you a general overview of what to expect in each video.
Module 2: The Energy of Love
Learn about love as energy. I introduce you to what Spiritual Love is and why this matters. There's a lot of fear and negative energy around the word love and that's a problem. Knowing what Spiritual Love is, helps you understand how the Energy of Love applies in your own life.
Module 3: Low Vibrational Relationships
These are what I call Situationships. This is the vibration of love that I introduce you to. It's the lowest vibration of what we call love. Learn the characteristics of Low Vibrational relationships, why sex matters, and how to get out of this lower energy.
Module 4: Karmic Relationships
I have a special name for these relationships. Understand the dynamics of Karmic Relationships, why they are so hard to let go of and how you can evolve them into something beautiful. This is still a form of low vibrational relationship and is what I call our Love Lessons.
Module 5: High Vibe Relationships
The Good Relationship is a high vibrational frequency of love and is a healthy relationship. This is where most people strive to be and it's a really beautiful thing. This is where you are both tired of the drama and ready for something real. Explore what it takes to get there and what makes this so good!
Module 6: Spiritual Love Connection
Explore the highest vibration of love which is Spiritual Love. Learn how you can magnetize and manifest this type of love in your life. This is what many people dream of when they say they desire a Soul Mate.
Module 7: Reflections
Have questions, this is where you can submit your questions and get them questions answered! Know that you have the power to manifest the relationship that you desire. You don't have to stay stuck in low vibrational relationships or keep settling in love.
How many tears have you cried? Is love even real? How long have you wondered where love was? How much time have you wasted? How many times have you gone back, knowing you deserve better? How much longer are you going to suffer in love?
No more! It's time to say goodbye to struggle love, get out of the heartbreak hotel, and put an end love limbo, and I'm going to show you how inside the Energy of Love!
Who this course is for
Anyone struggling with love, dating, and relationships
Anyone who want to make positive changes in their love life
Anyone who is tired of struggling and dealing with drama in relationships
Anyone who wants to improve their relationships overall
Anyone ready to stop attracting the same type of person over and over again


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