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ABAP on HANA Training Tutorial A to Z concepts

18 Apr 2022, 14:47
ABAP on HANA Training Tutorial A to Z concepts
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Hand-on Training based on ABPAP on HANA with content like NATIVE HANA, HANA MODELLING, CDS VIEWS, AMDP, ADBC, ALV IDA

What you'll learn
Knowledge of normal abap and OOPS will add an advantage
ABAP on HANA Training Tutorial A to Z concepts
ABAP (development) for SAP HANA refers to all developments which leverage the power of SAP HANA within ABAP-based applications. In this context, the SAP HANA platform is the primary database underlying the ABAP platform. This system deployment option is supported with AS ABAP 7.4 onwards.
If you are already well versed with Normal ABAP programming, you need to understand the power of SAP HANA[High-performance ANalytic Appliance] before proceeding further.
ABAP Core Data Service (CDS)
CDS represents SAP's next generation of data definition and access for database-centric applications. Technically, CDS uses and extends SQL to capture the business intent.
ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP) for SAP HANA
AMDP provide a class-based framework for creating and calling SAP HANA database procedures and functions from the ABAP environment - i.e. AMDP procedures and AMDP functions. The ABAP platform is the sole master regarding the lifecycle management (creation, update, deletion and transport) of such SAP HANA entities.
ADBC is an API for the Native SQL interface of the AS ABAP that is based on ABAP Objects. The ADBC methods can be used to pass Native SQL statements to the database interface. The make it possible to
send database-specific SQL commands to a database system and process the result
establish and administer database connections.
ALV with IDA
ALV with IDA (SAP List Viewer with Integrated Data Access) helps tables that contain very large quantities of data to be displayed on the UI.
Tables, views, sequences, synonyms, procedures, functions, constraints, indexes, arrays etc...
1. Insights on ABAP Development Tools
2. Gain knowledge on Database Independent Code-to-data
3. Understand SQL and SQLScript Basics for SAP HANA
4. Learn Reading data from a table or view
5. Gain knowledge Sorting and limiting data result sets
6. Understand the concept of detecting and analyzing the performance of your ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC)
7. Learn how to debug ABAP-Managed Database Procedures
8. Understand how to implement SAP HANA Full-Text Search in ABAP
It is recommended that the trainee should have the following
1. Basic Knowledge of ABAP Programming
2. Basic Programming skills
3. Knowledge of Open SQL
4. A general understanding of SAP HANA would be beneficial
Who should attend this Training?
1. ABAP Application Developers
2. ABAP Development Consultants
3. ABAP Development Architects
Who this course is for
For the ABAP consultants only


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