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Learn Chinese Pinyin Better

18 Apr 2022, 14:58
Learn Chinese Pinyin Better
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What you'll learn
Chinese Pinyin
The four tone
The neutral tone
level 0
Recognize the pronunciation of Chinese initials and finals according to the differences between Chinese and English. Learn the pronunciation of Chinese finals according to the International Phonetic Alphabet, as well as the pronunciation of double finals and compound finals. Tones are unique to Chinese. Learn the four tones in a dynamic display, as well as the pronunciation of special tones (light tones). Learn the division of syllables, from the pronunciation of a single sound to the articulation of two or more sounds, so that we can master the articulation in a simple and scientific way. Understanding the key points of each word from letters to spelling to syllables makes it easier for us to master Chinese learning. Each syllable word combination of spelling, a lot of practice, easy to master the pronunciation of Chinese. After learning Pinyin well, we will enter the study of Chinese characters, starting from pictographic characters to understand the origin and meaning of Chinese characters. Pinyin is the foundation of Chinese. Learning Pinyin well is like the foundation of building a house. Learning Pinyin is laying a good foundation.
Pinyin is the foundation of Chinese. Learning Pinyin well is like the foundation of building a house. Learning Pinyin is to lay a good foundation. The six lessons cover all the pronunciation rules and spelling rules of Chinese Pinyin. Master the four-tone changes of syllables, practice more at ordinary times, and with the accumulation of time, you can speak fluent standard Chinese. Each knowledge point of Hanyu Pinyin is displayed one by one in the way of induction and comparison, which is not only convenient for memory, but also lively and interesting. Interesting learning can enhance our interest in learning, and vivid expression makes it easier for us to grasp the essence of Chinese. If you have laid a solid foundation, grammar will come naturally. I look forward to your harvest of the mystery of Chinese. In general, want to learn Chinese, want to understand China, follow me, let's study hard together!
Who this course is for
Interested in Chinese language
wanna know Chinese culture
make friends with Chinese people

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