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Art of Authentic Posing with Justin & Mary

17 Apr 2022, 15:31
Art of Authentic Posing with Justin & Mary
 Art of Authentic Posing with Justin & Mary
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Product Details Welcome to The Art of Authentic Posing! This online course is for anyone who gets nervous about or flat out dreads posing at the engagement shoot or wedding day. It is all about removing the FEAR and teaching you step by step how to talk to your clients to get those organic, authentic images we're all striving for. It's about a shift away from the idea of stiff, static, generic posing where you just run your couple through a bunch of different poses & call it a shoot..and all about creating movement and natural moments that allow your couples the chance to show who they reallyare. And the best part about this approach is that it means that no shoot is the same because every couple is different!

This e-course will include four one hour videos of instruction and step by step direction from Justin & Mary on how to coach your couples for the most authentic results, as well as live demonstration where you get to watch J&M pose real couples in real situations. In addition, each of the first three videos will be accompanied by a set of homework assignments and "put it in action" tips to do before moving on to the next video.

What does this course include?
  • Four one-hour videos (240 minutes worth of content!) covering how to coach your couples, what to say to achieve more authentic results, how to add more natural movement, what to watch out for to get the most flattering results, how to infuse emotion, how to handle bigger groups like the bridal party & more.
  • Homework assignments following each of the first three videos to put what you learned in action right away. And a fourth video answering our most commonly asked questions and tips on dealing with the toughest situations.
  • A PDF of the main takeaways for future reference & quick tips

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