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Marina Ulanova – Gorgeous Skin Tone in Photoshop

17 Apr 2022, 15:48
Marina Ulanova – Gorgeous Skin Tone in Photoshop
 Marina Ulanova – Gorgeous Skin Tone in Photoshop
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Product Details The work was done in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 (English version) without the use of third-party plug-ins
This part of the collection is the largest, most important and informative!

In this part you will learn how to get rid of the "dirt" in the shadows on the skin of models. And how to draw – "not dirty" colored beautiful shadows!

And in the first lesson, before proceeding to the works described above, we will do the standard actions. Such as:

– image preparation in Camere Raw

– technical retouching (apply the operation from the set)

– we will work in the "Plastic" filter
– applying actions from "SKINTONE SET" we will make a technical and high-quality, amazingly beautiful and not complicated, more in-depth retouching of the model. Moreover, with the help of actions, we will not only make skin retouching, but also make a model's retouch ..

In the second lesson:
– show, perhaps, the BEST! a way to remove dirty shadow stains from the skin of models. And to make this correction, we will be helped by actions from "SKINTONE SET", which I recorded specifically for these lessons.

In the third lesson:
– here we will learn to draw "not dirty" beautiful shadows. Just for comparison, I will show you the standard, well-known methods for drawing a shadow pattern. So you can clearly see how great the techniques that I share in these lessons.

– you will also learn how to align the different skin areas of the models in color and shade.

In the fourth lesson:
In this lesson, you will learn the basic tools by which to make color and tone tone skin tone more flexible and convenient.

You will learn how:
– dosed to add the desired shades to the desired areas of skin
– I'll tell you how to add and change shades with the help of the "Curves" adjustment layer.
– Learn how to work with adjustment layers using different overlay modes.
– I will share a stunning reception, how to set up a chic skintone in second

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